Interviews and Segments

Stuart Chittenden with Ruth Meints

Ruth shares her thoughts about the importance of music education, why she wrote the String Sprouts curriculum, and a few stories about her childhood that fueled her passion to create access to musical excellence for everyone.

Christine E. Goodner with Ruth Meints

On this week’s podcast, we’re talking to Ruth Meints. Ruth shares her understanding of what motivates us (or our children or students) and why it is so important, how learning about many types of motivation is important when motivating others, and how every little bit of practice counts.

Sound Advice for Igniting Creativity

2016 Nebraska Governor’s Arts Awardee – Interview

Musical Performances

Stories from Childhood: The Ugly Duckling – “A Fractured Fairytale”
Rita Paskowitz – storyteller; Ruth Meints – viola; Anne Madison – piano

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