Got Grit?

As a child, my mother often encouraged me by saying, “You never stay the same; you’re either moving forward or losing ground.” How true! Since your child has begun the study of an instrument in the String Sprouts program, they have taken many steps forward throughout the academic year. As rags to riches entrepreneur Jim Rohn said so eloquently, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” 

Grit and resilience are two words that have been a topic of conversation recently, specifically related to student success. More grit and resilience produces more success! Notice these words don’t indicate an ability level, but strongly emphasize consistent application and effort to grow. The in-depth study of an instrument brings together several ingredients which develop grit and resilience while increasing motivation: 

  • Having goals for achievement coupled with a great teacher who takes an individual interest in a young musician’s development by offering challenge, structure, and belief in the student’s ability to accomplish great things.
  • Submerging the student in the language of music with peers of the same persuasion. When you are doing something with friends, it’s just more fun!
  • Develop a growth mindset as an essential skill, creating lifelong learners. Curiosity and interest in learning something wnew will benefit every area of a child’s life.

What exciting musical adventures and growth opportunities can you pursue to boost motivation and grit?

  • Attend any concerts that you can. There are many FREE opportunities at the Conservatory that are specially crafted for young musicians – shorter in length and opportunity to ask questions of great musicians who once had to practice every day and struggle with challenges. If they can do it, so can you! 
  • Take advantage of getting together with other musicians to have fun – with or without your instrument. Make close musical friendships. This applies to the caregivers, too, by the way!
  • Are there individualized learning opportunities for your Sprout? Summer private lessons or music camps, workshops, large group playing ensembles provide super inspiration, fun, and individual attention. (There’s often scholarships and financial aid available for motivated students, so just start looking around for exciting new experiences and get signed up!)

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