Music2Gether: Making Connections

I’m a member of an international quartet called Music2Gether Quartet that connects sister cities in the US and Budapest with Western Galilee. My husband Ken and I teach students at the Akko Conservatory and Matte Asher Conservatory in Western Galilee virtually and will be returning to Israel soon for more concerts and workshops, as well as performing in sister cities across the country. Here’s a little bit about our story.

Music2Gether Quartet was formed by the Partnership2Gether in Western Galilee and includes Gary Levinson (Dallas, TX), Judit Rozsnyoi (Budapest, Hungary), Robert Hausmann (Buffalo, NY), and me.


Avital Ben-Dror from the Western Galilee Partnership2Gether organized all of the performances and appearances of the Quartet while we were in Israel.
She is a force of nature!

Celebrating after the final concert with the Music2Gether Quartet from the Akko Conservatory.

Working with a student participating in the Music2Gether orchestra festival at Akko Conservatory.

Nigun2Gether – Virtual coaching with two students, their parents and their teacher Rona from Matte Asher Conservatory in Western Galilee.

Music2Gether Quartet had the incredible opportunity to play in the cancer treatment wing. The woman in the background is thoroughly enjoying the Dvorak American Quartet!

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